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Lift Installation in Plymouth , MI

There are multiple types of lifts available today. Each can help you or your loved one in different ways.

Stair Lifts

A stair lift is a mobility device in the form of a motorized chair that runs on a track along the length of a staircase. It allows individuals to safely travel from one floor of their home to another. Stair lifts can be straight or custom curved to fit a non-standard stair case. Many safety features are integrated into these systems to make them safe and user friendly.

Wheelchair Lifts (VPL)

Also known as a Vertical Platform Lift (VPL), a wheelchair lift is a motorized platform that travels vertically between different elevations. They can be installed indoors or outdoors, and take up much less room to install than a traditional ramp. Wheelchair Lifts are made for areas where a ramp won't fit or where the rise is too severe for a ramp.

Ceiling Lift Systems

When mobility is reduced and assistance is needed there are two considerations. There is both the safety of the person with the need for assistance and there is an additional need for safety for the people who are helping as caretakers. Many injuries are sustained by caretakers in the bathing and toileting process. Ceiling lifts make this so much safer for everyone! With a ceiling lift in place the caretaker has an added sense of confidence that they will be able to safely transfer the client without the uncertainty of slips or falls. Repositioning the client to just the right position so they are totally safe and comfortable is easy with a ceiling safe and makes the risk of injury to everyone very low. The slings that hold the clients are available in a wide variety of sizes and styles to accommodate different needs and different size clients. There are hygiene slings with cut outs for toileting and hygiene functions. There are positioning slings to help move patients with little mobility to support their head properly. There are slings to aid in standing training. There are slings to elevate various parts of the body healing from injuries. Ceiling lifts are a wonderful way to provide safety for everyone involved in the caregiving process.

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"With the installation of the stair lift Katie gained back some independence and we were able to function more like a family, first time since the accident. Your attention to our needs during this time was exceptional and your folks that worked in our home were skilled an respectful. We would recommend HandyPro to anyone who needs the many types of work you provide." - Dave & Linda S.

"Kenneth Cardenas did an outstanding job on my sliding glass door project. He is a pro." - Larry F

"Help!! My roof is leaking and dripping into my dining room!!!! I called several guys I know that have done some repairs for me in the past and was told I needed a new roof. They suggested I cover the roof with a blue tarp until I could get a new roof installed. Finally, I called Tom. He was there within two hours, made emergency repairs in drizzling rain, stopped the leak and came back later that week and made permanent repairs. Also told me I do not need a new roof now. Tom, I want to thank you and your company for the quick response and professional service work you provided to me. Excellent craftsmanship and wonderful clean-up. Bravo!" - Jane D.

"Thank you for the excellent job installing the new fence for us. HandyPro was not the cheapest bid we received but we trusted the way you presented the project over the other 3. The results are great and the attention to detail that you crew showed during the process, including clean up was surprising. The grass has grown in and the look of our backyard is more then we expected." - Jeanne F.

"Service was prompt and at my convenience. My contractor was able to make adjustments and avoid replacing my whole door." - Betty B.